Embark your creativity with IoT

Cereb enables the customer to build different front-end (Web, Mobile APP, Dashboard) with mix & match IoT, AI, and digital APP in one interface to enhance user experience and save operation time from switching different APP. With Cereb Platform as a flexible backend, users can easily connect or switch data sources in minutes.

ONE App -
SuperApp Enablement

Craft your SuperApp with our drag-and-drop interface, integrating a multitude of services, from payment systems to social media, into one unified application. Enhance user retention and engagement by providing everything your customers need in one place.

One Dashboard

Turn data into decisions with custom dashboards.

Platform allows you to aggregate and visualize data from various sources

Enabling real-time insights and data-driven strategies.

In a landscape cluttered with IoT devices and data, our customer faced the challenge of navigating through multiple dashboards and managing data sharing without compromising the ease of access. Cereb’s solution was a narrative of digital harmony, crafting a singular, custom-tailored dashboard that brought together disparate data streams. This bespoke platform not only centralized data management but also empowered precise data sharing, tailored to each team member’s role. It was a journey from disarray to streamlined efficiency, ensuring every piece of data was at their fingertips, while maintaining the integrity of their operational flow.

ONE AI Solution for Cross IoT Devices

Leverage the power of AI to provide consistent and intelligent user experiences across all devices. Our AI solutions learn and adapt, offering personalized interactions wherever your users are

IoT Integration
ONE Digital Ecosystem

Bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds with our IoT integration solutions. Connect a wide array of third-party IoT devices and manage them through a single pane of glass
Cereb’s latest solution caters to customers managing multiple third-party digital systems who seek to consolidate their data into a single, frequently used digital platform. This solution is exemplified by its application in coworking spaces, where managing community interaction and facility operations efficiently is crucial.
For instance, a coworking space using Slack for member management and announcements can now integrate IoT device controls, like sensors and smart air conditioning, directly within the Slack interface. This integration streamlines operations, allowing for more efficient management directly from a platform they already use extensively.
Cereb’s solution provides customers the flexibility to choose any third-party digital endpoint, such as Slack, to aggregate data from various sources. This aggregation enhances operational efficiency, convenience, and resource optimization by centralizing control and monitoring into a platform that is already a part of their daily business workflow. This approach not only saves time but also simplifies the management of diverse digital systems, ensuring smoother and more cohesive business operations.