ONE AI Solution
for Cross IoT Devices

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At Cereb, we weave AI into the fabric of our clients’ IoT ecosystems, transforming data into intelligent solutions. For instance, by integrating data from air quality sensors, weather patterns, and occupancy rates, we develop AI models for adaptive comfort control in air conditioning systems. This optimizes energy efficiency while maintaining comfort. Additionally, sound AI solution enhances safety by identifying emergency situations through sound analysis, maintaining privacy. We also implement AI for water leakage detection by learning normal usage patterns to spot irregularities. Our collaboration with AI experts in various verticals ensures tailored, cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Water Flow Sensors Installation

For the water flow sensors, 1 x FDQ50C sensor will be installed at the main brand to measure the total water flow inlet for both male and female toilet.
2 x FDQ32C will be installed to measure male toilet and female toilet respectively.
2 x FDQ20C will be installed in one of the toilet bowl for male toilet and female toilet respectively.

Keyence water flow sensor 


for 25mm pipe

Keyence water flow sensor 


for 50 mm pipe


for 40 mm pipe