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Use Your IoT Data in Unlimited Ways for

It’s your data – why limit how it is used? Cereb Intelligence offers a no-code platform that put you in control of your data, allowing it to be imported across platforms and devices. We created a flexible system that cuts through the clutter to deliver fully usable intelligence for all of your systems.

We work closely with most relied brands

Mix and match your selection of hardware & software from our portfolio – across types & across brands


Why Cereb?

Tools and Solutions That Break Down the Barriers to IoT Software Connectivity

Save Resources, Time and Cost

We understand resources is valuable in a business. You can focus core technology development without distracting your team for integration.

Drive More Opportunity

With a flexible tool to use the IoT data unlimitedly, you can create a more profound and broader application to meet any personalised demand.


We build the software for your team to harness thousands of data points for anyone in your organisation with no coding.


How We Can Help You

Focus your core business and leave the connectivity to us

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Available IoTs and API in our marketplace


Directly or tell us more if anything more
you need in your application.


Build your application with
extended feature and possibility.


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