Since indoor environment quality is affecting human health a lot and the current solutions on market is lack of completeness and is not human-centric, IOTENA develops a brand-new, comprehensive, and human-centric intelligent health enhancement eco-system (named inHealth) to improve human health by enhancing indoor environment quality.
InHealth system is an IoT platform with humanized circadian lighting system, indoor air quality system, and apparent temperature adaption system to solve the existing problems of light, air, and thermal comfort in an efficient & effective way.

 Hong Kong

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Key API Function:

  • Obtain device status
  • Obtain indoor air quality (PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, HCHO)
  • Obtain environment data (Temperature, humidity)
  • Set mode humanized circadian lighting
  • Set light intensity and color temperature
  • Set air purifier operating mode, fan speed
  • Set in-room control mode
  • Get notified of device abnormality

Product Range


This is the platform to collect all kind of indoor environment quality (IEQ) real-time data input with wide range of sensors (e.g. PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity and human-body surfaces’ temperature) and big data (e.g. local weather data and PM2.5 data). With the collected data, the platform is developed to orchestrate the control of humanised circadian lighting, air purifier and air-conditioning so as to provide the best mixture of control sequences.

  • Wired power
  • BLE5.0 Mesh, RS-485
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, Wifi, 4G/3G
  • Indoor