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The word “Cereb” is a short form of the Cerebrum, responsible for  processing sensory function and involved in the movement of the human body. It’s an essential part of making our body interoperable. We believe that the IoT world also needs a “cerebrum.” 

Cereb Intelligence is a leader in the field of IoT interoperability. We are a team of IoT Enthusiasts who find lots of limitations to make use of IoTs. We’ve extended our experience and know-how to develop a tool to allow users to harness real-time data from any IoT device using a simple interface and low-code tools.

We motivate platforms around the world and in any industry. If you have IoT systems, we can make sure they work for you the way you want. Our mission is simple: We want to empower you with IoT data that knows no limits.

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Orchestrate underlying IoT technologies, Seamlessly leverage multiple IoTs from multiple vendors.