Embark your creativity with IoT

For a smart city, it should be open to allow different smart solution provider to work together while end user can choose freely different mix & match solutions based on their application need. With our solution and the fast growing API community, the world is open for anyone to participate the smart city development.

We always have a question in mind, why can’t we share the resources in-between the building infrastructure.

While there are motion sensors installed, can they be connected with other equipments such as air-conditions, lighting, door, etc to make the space operation more efficient?

With Cereb, we believe there shall be no boundary between equipments.

You can enrich your software application with more different product brand integrated to enhance the user engagement, make your application more personalised and increase the time of usage of your apps.

Build your application ecosystem to drive your business and brand loyalty. It is already an proven concept to have other 3rd party application integrated into your system and make your system to be the centre point of the ecosystem,

Manage your energy demand with the right timing, right actions and right priority. It become challenging when there are different appliances and Our approach is to work with different hardware solutions with API. Our system intelligence will analyse and send out command triggering based on time, priority, threshold and big data.

Adding aggregated IoT devices from physical world into your virtual world in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Our approach is to aggregate different IoT product brands so that you can focus on your AR/VR application while we help to connect different kind of data end points behind.

It creates limitless possibilities with immersive visualize and control experience for your end customers.

Makes the robot smarter by providing its more environmental data around it and drive more possible actions and more personalized experience to your end customer.

With Cereb one-to-all data connectivity, you have the flexibility to choose different data types to connect with based on different applications and environments.

Big data give students another way of learning to find out the insight from data and reasoning it. IoT is one of the best tools to generate many different types of data around the school.

Cereb provides the connectivity service and data mapping tools which gives teachers and students very flexible way to drive more creative mix & match data insight and actions.